Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Set

Rogue Engineering Rear Trailing Arm Bushing Set

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Fits the following vehicles:

  • All E36, including M3.  Does NOT fit Z3 and 318ti.
  • All E46, including M3.
  • All Z4

Squeak, Squeak.  What was that noise?
Why do urethane bushings get a bad rap of squeaking?  When bushings are too hard, they will tend to vibrate when used in a pivot position.  This can be minimized (or prevented) with some lubricant such as anti-seize during installation  

Professional Installation Required
Because the RTAB "console" removal is required, an alignment is recommended.  For installation of the part itself, it is very straightforward, but requires some special tools.  We recommend grease that has PTFE in it.

Are your bushings already shot?
A simple test to determine if the stock rear trailing arm bushings require replacement is driving the vehicle in a straight line.  While in gear, under full acceleration, does the car pull to one side?  Additionally, under full, firm application of the brakes, does the car pull again?  If you answered yes to either one, the bushings probably require replacement.

Rogue Engineering Performance RTABs
A common question asked is the true difference between our bushings and OE style rubber ones.  It's not just material differences.  It's the design differences that play a big role.

When the OE bushing is installed (or replaced correctly), it is under constant load when it is on the ground.  In other words, the center of the bushing always remains "twisted".  Some very sensitive people say they can actually feel the "spring" of the trailing arm when the rear of the car is loaded and unloaded (with the gas pedal, or setting up into a corner).  Then again, these people could probably hear a mouse fart from 10 miles away.  Most people can barely tell when bushing is cracked, let alone entirely broken.

The Rogue Engineering Performance RTAB differs greatly than the OE since the bushing is NEVER under load when the trailing arm is in any position.  This means that the center of the bushing (the aluminum sleeve) pivots freely at all times. This means that it also lasts a long time.  This also means consistent performance and not performance that degrades over time. 

The bushing material used in Rogue Engineering Performance RTABs are now available in two different compounds, specifically for your needs.  Both compounds now incorporate a silicone impregnated, polyurethane compound.  The biggest different being the hardness of the material.


Black Compound This compound is formulated for STREET applications.  Softer than our blue, TRACK compound, these are stiffer than stock factory OEM bushings and designed to last much longer than stock.  Since these are the great compromise between OEM and our TRACK bushing.  Engineered to approximately Shore A 80 hardness.