BMW X5M E70/E71 (2010-2018) X6M F85/86 (2010-2019) Emergency Spare Tire

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Why Get a spare tire?
Many BMW owners dread the run flat tires that come with the car, while its a no brainer to ditch the run flats and get regular tires, you run into the issue of not having a spare tire. Get the spare and move to regular tires without the thought of driving without a spare.

What is included?
The basic spare tire comes with the tire mounted on the wheel ready to use.

What is optional?
When ordering the spare tire, you have the option to add a aftermarket jack kit (which includes the jack and lug wrench) and/or a tire tote.


BMW E70 X5M (2010-2013) & BMW F85 X5M (2015-2018)

BMW E71 X6M (2010-2014) & BMW F86 X6M (2015-2019)

The purpose of this spare tire kit is SOLELY to get you out of a bad area (traffic, security) and NOT for any prolonged driving. It is highly recommended that you strap it down while in your trunk. By purchasing this spare tire kit, you acknowledge this statement. While we have test fitted this on a stock BMW model of your application, its always advisable that you do test it on yours just in case any modifications were done to the car prior. If in doubt, do not hesitate to contact us.





How fast can I drive?
The tire manufacturer recommends that you do not exceed 50 Mph at any time.

How far can I drive?
While the tire manufacturer does not give a specific distance, it is recommended that its use to get you home or the nearby tire shop. The space tire is not meant for prolonged driving.

The wheels on my car are 20" (21" or 22"), yours spare tire is 19"?
This is also one of the most common questions. Many get confused with the rim size and outer diameter. The space tires we sell closely matches the outer diameter of the tires on your car (so your car will not ride lob-sided). Of course there is a certain minimum wheel size to clear your brakes, we have determined this in our testing.



Spare Tire Diameter
155/80-19 28.8in

 * Tire brand is Continental

Your Tire Diameter Difference
275/40-20 28.7in -0.3%
315/35-20 28.7in -0.3%
285/40-20 29.0in 0.7%
325/35-20 29.0in 0.7%
285/35-21 28.9in 0.3%
325/30-21 28.7in -0.3%





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