BMW Fall-Line Motorsports G8X Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Link Kit - V2

BMW Fall-Line Motorsports G8X Adjustable Front Sway Bar End Link Kit - V2

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Lowering your car is often the first step in suspension tuning, but occasionally, this process can adversely affect other associated components. Unwanted sway bar pre-load may be one of these consequential effects, adding asymmetrical spring rate bias to one side of the car versus the other. This imbalance may affect your overall chassis dynamics and corner balance.

For this reason, adjustable sway bar end links are critical—by adjusting each link with the car at operating weight, you can ensure the sway bar is completely unloaded at your determined ride height, restoring your chassis' balance and your confidence in all driving situations.

Unlike all other link kits on the market that utilize the cheaper and simpler jam-nuts, Fall-Line utilizes OE tie-rod end style pinch-nut fasteners to ensure they never lose their set length.

V2 Key Features:

  • Now includes OE tie-rod end style pinch-nut fastener rod ends
    • Eliminates the typical jam-nut rod ends that are known to move over time
  • Designed for superior corner balancing
  • Ensures equal weight distribution on each tire
  • Compatible with height adjustable dampers
  • Eliminates uneven cross-weights
  • Prevents sway bar-induced suspension stress
  • Allows for precise customization through length variation
  • Includes dust boots to protect against dust interference
  • Made in USA
  • Sold as a pair


  • G87 M2
  • G80 / G81 M3
  • G82 / G83 M4