Emp Stewart BMW Water Pump

Emp Stewart BMW Water Pump

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The BMW Stewart Water Pump by EMP for the E36 and E46 BMWs is regarded as one of the best and strongest water pumps ever built. Why get a Stewart water pump? Its simply the best and it replaces the original BMW Water Pump that has the plastic impeller which could fail prematurely and catastrophically.


BMW E36 3 Series (1993-1998) & E46 (1999-2005)
BMW E39 5 Series (1999-2003 525, 528 & 530 6 cylinders only)
BMW X5 (2000-2006 6 cylinders only)
BMW Z3 (2.8 & 3.0 6 cylinders only)
BMW X3 (2004-2006)



-Up to 20% increase of water flow over stock OEM Water pump

-Twice as efficient as factory water pump

-Much less parasitic drag than other water pumps

-Can be used for racing applications, or street applications.

-Stainless steel impeller

-Heavy duty bearing

-High quality water seal