BE Bearings - Improved Connecting Rod Bearings Set for BMW E60 M5 E63 M6 S85 Engine

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BE Bearings Part Number: SP1527HK-STD-S85

Optional Items

Bolts : Choice of ARP Bolts (BE-CRB50-S85)


E60 M5 & E64/E64 M6 S85 Engine



About BE Bearings


As many know, the BMW S65 V-8 and S85 V-10 are prone to excessive rod bearing wear at low mileage due to an excessively tight oil clearance specification. This has led to numerous engine failures since the introduction of these engines, with some occurring as low as 6700miles.

The exhaustive research conducted by enthusiasts and professionals as documented on the m3post forum led to the development of a better solution than anything found on the market at this time. BE Bearings have brought a custom rod bearing solution, manufactured in the same Clevite facility as the OEM bearings, but to more appropriate specifications to increase the oil clearance to reduce starvation and improve bearing life.

Additionally, these bearings are manufactured with the traditional lead-copper design (the same as the originally introduced bearings on these engines) to ensure the wear is traceable using oil analysis methods such as those provided by Blackstone. The newer part number bearing from BMW were designed to meet ROHS compliance specifications, thus were lead free, removing the primary indicator of bearing wear by these oil analysis regimens. Additionally, there is some early evidence that these newer, harder (due to being lead free) bearings are causing more damage to crankshaft journals when lubrication starved than the original design. BE Bearings therefore chose to remain with the traditional "Tri-Metal" design incorporating the softer lead Babbitt layer for maximum crankshaft protection during startup and other low oil supply conditions.

Oil choice has been a point of contention for M enthusiasts for years, much more so since the bearing wear issue with the S65 and S85 became more known. Many recommended thinner oils as a stop-gap measure while others pined on about the thicker 10W-60 being necessary. BE Bearings were designed for use with the OEM 10W-60 Oil specification by BMW with the proper clearance measurements to extend bearing life. 

Insufficient clearance means insufficient oil flow, excessive bearing surface heat, and premature wear.

These symptoms can lead to early bearing failure and a very expensive engine rebuild.

Problem can be addressed during engine rebuild, but it's expensive.

Some people switched to thinner oils -- as a stopgap measure.

Other stopgap measures include anti-friction teflon coated factory bearings, WPC anti-friction treated factory bearings, and custom bearings with same clearance as stock.

"Coated" factory bearings decreased clearance. This is not a good idea.

WPC treated bearings slightly increase clearance, but are a stopgap.

Custom bearings keeping factory clearance doesn't fix the problem, but allows you to track lead and copper in Blackstone oil analysis.

Newer factory bearings (2010.5 and later) are made from tin-aluminum, not lead-copper. Tin-aluminum bearings are 4-times harder on the surface than lead-copper bearings. This extra hardness shows signs of doing more damage to motors as there seems to be more bearing failures with 2010.5 and later vehicles. Tin-aluminum bearings also don't show the same signs of premature wear in Blackstone oil analysis due to lack of lead and copper.


Better Design

Designed to address and fix the rod bearing clearance issue.

Designed for use with factory 10W60 weight oils.

Increases oil flow.

Improves lubrication for "Start-Stop" vehicles over factory bearings.

Designed in consultation with leading industry experts from NASCAR, Indy Car, and former BMW M-Division engine designer.

Designed and manufactured by Clevite, factory BMW bearing supplier.

Traditional lead-copper bearing design; less wear on crankshaft journals, traceable with Blackstone oil analysis.

Each bearing is measured and size-binned. Allows for custom bearing selection when necessary.