AGA BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit with Seals and Gaskets

AGA BMW N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit with Seals and Gaskets

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This kit allows you to replace the worn valve stem seals on your N62 and N62-Tu motor without removing the engine from the car or re-setting the engine timing--the camshafts and cylinder heads remain installed in the engine.

This kit also includes all of the parts that need to be replaced when doing valve stem seal replacement. This includes 36 Elring valve stem seals as well as left and right valve cover gasket sets.

The Elring valve stem seals provide a larger sealing area between the valve stem seal and valve guide which reduces the size of the pocket between the underside of the seal and the top of the valve guide. Oil can accumulate here, causing smoking out of the exhaust. This increased contact area also provides for better heat dissipation from the valve stem seal increasing the life of the sealing material. For a complete list parts and tools included, see description below. This kit is intended for use by professional mechanics only.


AGA's N62 Valve Keeper Installation Tool is included in the kit and does not need to be ordered separately.


Models This Product Fits


2002-2005: BMW 745I & IL (E65 & E66)

2006-2008: BMW 750I & IL (E65 & E66)

2004-2005: BMW X5 4.4i/4.8is (E53)

2007-2010: BMW X5 4.8i (E70)

2004-2005: BMW 545i (E60)

2006-2010: BMW 550i (E60 & E61)

2004-2005: BMW 645Ci (E63 & E64)

2006-2010: BMW 650i (E63 & E64)


Parts Included With This Kit


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Part # AGA-N62-VST-K
Description N62 Valve Stem Seal Tool Kit
Quantity 1
Part # AGA-N62-GK-SS
Description N62 Valve Stem Seals and Gasket Kit